5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Rain Jacket

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Rain Jacket

Do you have sad tales of your rain jacket wearing off, and losing quality too quickly?

It might have been about the quality of the ones you’ve been buying, but most times, it’s not really about the rain jacket itself. You may just not be taking care of it the right way.

Rain jackets tends to show their failing quality in a few obvious ways. The colour could be fading off so quickly, or it might stop repelling water. You won’t even call it a rain jacket if it doesn’t protect you from water.

This doesn’t have to always be the case if you’ll keep to these tips on how to take care of your rain jacket.

  1. Thorough and consistent cleaning: The thing is that dirt and crud on the outside of your jacket attract water, causing your jacket to “wet out” and no longer be breathable. Not just that; sweat and oils on the inside of your jacket breed bacteria, and their munching will weaken the strength of your rain jacket.
  1. Use a technical cleaner: Unlike conventional detergents, technical cleaners like Nikwax’s Tech Wash are specially produced to cater to your rain jacket in a softly and gently manner. It’s seamless to use in your washing machine.
  1. Start cleaning from your pockets: Rain jackets are tough on water, but fragile with dirts, especially from  the inside. So, ensure no forgotten tissues or lip balm are not left to rot in your pockets.
  1. Don’t waterproof before cleaning: Let the cleaning be a thorough job. Don’t fall for the temptation of avoiding water entry, leaving it to get fully cleaned all-out.
  1. Obey the label: Don’t discard the label, and try to do the cleaning on your own. If the manufacturer says to wash it in cold water, it’ll be counter-productive to use warm water. It’s your best bet to having a long-lasting rain jacket.

Yes, I mustn't forget this. Buy quality jackets.

It offers you the peace of mind, knowing that your rain jacket gets you covered.. By investing in high quality jackets, and caring for it, you will save cash dollars in the long run.

You can buy one spectacular piece, and wear it for many seasons by properly caring for it. Check out our stock of rain jackets with unequalled quality, and at a cost friendly to your purse.

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