Classic Wardrobe Must-Haves for Every Man

Classic Wardrobe Must-Haves for Every Man

Many times, we find ourselves surrounded by stuff that are no longer of any use. This leads us to declutter, leaving us with the essentials that we really need. And of course, this is better for us, our wallets, and for the environment.

And one of the first things that come to mind is to declutter the wardrobe.

You would have, at some point, realised you've been wearing a set of clothes repeatedly, leaving many others unused, and eventually, irrelevant.

For many people, the saving grace is having a minimalist wardrobe. This leaves you with essential things you need, things that match and go together, and things meant for every occasion. You'll agree that fashion trends quickly fades, but style, and having some classically styled pieces in your wardrobe will last a much longer time.

Not sure where to start? We've created this guide to help you create your own capsule wardrobe, with each item linking to where you can find it on Kandor Clothing.

Denim Shirts

As you might already know, Denim is one of the most classic things out there when it comes to fashion, and a shirt like this is your best bet. While many designers alter the material and style just to suit fashion trends, you should stick the one with a classic material. Denim goes well for casual, and you can be sure it will never go out of fashion.

Denim Shirts

Dark Slim Fit Jeans

Similarly, slim-fit jeans are a must for every man's capsule wardrobe. Of course, it's not the only trendy jeans' style, but slim-fit, instead of a skinny fit, is a look that is classic and timeless. When worn with shirts or casual tops, sneakers or boots, a dark pair of slim fit jeans goes perfectly. Compared to ordinary and straight styles, slim-fit jeans goes with every smart outlook, including blazers, notwithstanding the current trend.


Sweatshirts should also take front seat in your capsule wardrobe. Wearing with high top sneakers is a funky look, or perhaps even with sandals when the weather is a little hot. Development in sports have made sportswear, including sweatshirts, universal wears acceptable at many events.

sweatshirts - kandor clothing

Crew Neck Tops

One of your choice items for a capsule wardrobe should be crew neck tops. Simply choose a few in different colours so that you have a few for different occasions. Unlike v-neck tops which often fades with trend, crew neck offers you timeless and classic look. Be it layering under a sweater, wearing with jeans, or to have under a hoodie or jacket are all good ways to wear crew neck tops. Let is also be a perfect fit, not too big, or to tight.

crew neck tops -

Active and Gym Wears

While having outing clothes is important, having some clothes in your closet meant for workout  is a must. This is individual-specific, depending on the kind of working out that you do, be it football or the gym. Yours could be a Chelsea football shirt or running shorts.

sports wear -

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